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Digital marketing has increased in popularity over the last decade, and in the last few years, marketing seems to have evolved into a living and breathing entity. Web Design services is the marketing or building of a brand through digital channels such as the Internet, mobile messaging, digital radio and TV. There are huge benefits with digital marketing compared to traditional marketing. First, digital marketing is extremely affordable while the potential for the extent of a company’s audience is worldwide. It only takes one viral post/article/video/interview and your company logo is in every corner of the world.

Blogs are Big Business Builders

If a business isn’t blogging, they’re missing out on exposure to thousands, even millions of potential clients. There have been reports in the past about blogs losing their importance, but the evidence is actually to the contrary. Not only do blogs give businesses the chance to establish themselves as experts in their field, the blogosphere allows them to build brilliant organic links from other respected blogs. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website, blogs are still one of the most effective ways to bring fresh, keyword rich content that the search engines will love.

Is Design Important?

There’s a lot of talk about content being king and this might be true to a certain extent. But first impressions are and will always be a huge influence on people’s decision. Digital content that is jumbled with no clear direction, no matter how well written, will act as a deterrent for any reader. The design of a website or blog has been proven to directly affect conversion rates. Not only should sites be aesthetically pleasing, but the SEO architecture like this site should also be clear and granular too . For example, the contrast between the text and background of a page should be considered carefully as it will make a difference to the level of readability.
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